Nanny Course is the most prominent part of Tons and Tobs Academy. With a growing population and work pressure, people, especially working partners, are always in search of nannies that can take care of their kids or elderly family members in their absence. Qualified Indian nannies have high demand abroad. If you are an aspirant, all you need is a Nanny Course Certificate from Tons and Tobs. If you have some proof of good IELTS scores to submit, that will add to your credentials. Therefore, Tons and Tobs provides free IELTS training to all our Nanny candidates.

Childcare and Geriatric Care are the core concepts of our training program. The needs of children and the elderly are entirely different. So the classes are taken into two sections. Students can enroll in any one of the courses or both. But the basic qualification for enrollment is a diploma. 


Nanny Training Course includes the following;

  • Guidance in providing care
  • Taking care of babies and their nutrition needs
  • Basic first aid
  • Interview Preparation
  • Geriatrics

Visa requirements

  • A Valid Passport
  • Nanny Course Certificate
  • Valid certificates and ID proof
  • Must be 18 or above
  • IELTS with 5or above